Testimonial for a Weeks built Hot Rod

The car in this case is a 1948 English
Anglia. A complete Chassis and
suspension was built and put under
this car twenty years ago (1990).

       To say that it had many years of
hard use in the street is putting it
mildly, it was run hard and enjoyed
to the max. This same Anglia now
enjoys a second career as a 1/8th 
and 1/4 mile dragster with all the 
same stuff built into it twenty years 
ago with the exception of a
replacement 383 stroker motor.

        On the last seasonal run at 
Winterport this year the car ran 
7.638 @ 93.56 MPH in the eighth 
mile, if that’s not a strong 
testimonial for a Week’s built Rod,
what is…?

Can we build one for you?

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